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Do you feel like you are the best version of yourself that you can be? If you’re thinking “no”, why not? There is no one who can empower you to be a better “you” than the person you see in the mirror!

Whether you want to accomplish a goal, learn a new skill, feel better in your skin, travel the world, or learn how to renovate on your own, there are many ways to achieve self improvement!

Cooking, health, beauty, traveling, and learning more DIY projects, are a great way to improve and become a better you while having fun! Gaining new knowledge and getting to do a fun project at the same time keeps you on track! So click the links above to find a new recipe, workout plan, or Disney guide.

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Fast, Easy, and Delicious Food, Recipes, and Kitchen Tips

Cooking & Recipes

Jump into a world of culinary delights! Find delicious recipes, learn tips and tricks for cooking with ease, and then try out the latest in kitchen gadgets!

Feel beautiful with beauty and health! Get makeup, hair, and fitness tips, styling tricks, and product reviews!

Beauty & Health

Learn how to feel like your most healthy self inside and out! Health tips and tricks pair with beauty advice to have you feeling, and looking, your absolute best!

Easy way to save money with DIY projects. Get How-to and do-it-yourself ideas to save you money!

How To & DIY

Learn what you can do with your own two hands! Tackle the latest “how to” projects to save yourself time and money while getting the life and home of your dreams!

Disney and Travel tips and tricks to save you time, money, and headache.

Travel & Disney

Get tips and tricks for planning your next vacation from an ex- Disney Cast Member and Guest Services Manager. These Hacks save time, money, and headaches!

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Meet the Author

Lady & the Dachshund Logo: Lifestyle Blog On Food, Cooking, Travel, Disney, DIY, How to, Beauty, and Health

Hey Ya’ll! My name is Britney and I am your new lifestyle guru! Any good relationship starts with getting to know one another. So here is my story.. One day I was vegging out on the couch  feeling lazy, tired, and horrible. I was also super bummed out over the cost of the home decor I was shopping for online. My stresses and how I felt in my own skin were really starting to get to me! Fortunately, I started asking myself, “Why am I allowing myself to feel this way?

We all take our time, money, energy, and invest them in our jobs, our homes, our kids, our friends. When are we investing in ourselves? I couldn’t remember the last time I did something for me. Just for the fun of it. Enough was enough! Nothing makes you feel better than actually  being better! So I decided it was time to take action!

These days I spend my time becoming the best version of me possible. I also want to enjoy becoming a “better me”. Since cooking, beauty, health, DIY, and travel bring me a lot of happiness I am focusing my energy into those passions!!

I studied Hospitality and Event Management at the University of Central Florida. Combining my education with my experience working in restaurants, hotels, and at Disney World, I will teach you to become a wizard in the kitchen. I can also help you save time, money, and headaches, when traveling! Years of DIY projects have given me many “how to” projects on decor, home renovation, and beauty that I hope to share! While I can’t say I have a ton of health experience, I can say that I need to get in shape! Since I want to lose weight and feel great with as little change and effort as possible, this will take some effort! I will be sure to share all my successes with you so you can try them too!

Now my job is to help you feel like the best version of you possible! Whether that means becoming a better cook, gaining a healthier body, learning tons of DIY projects, or forming into a jetsetting travel expert! You can count on me to be a teacher sharing my knowledge. A friend lending you support. Also a shoulder to cry on. Even a cheerleader shouting that “You can do it!” We are in this together! Let’s get to it!

Lady & the Dachshund Logo: Lifestyle Blog On Food, Cooking, Travel, Disney, DIY, How to, Beauty, and Health

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