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 Hey Ya’ll! My name is Britney and I am so excited to be your new lifestyle guru on your journey to getting the life you have always wanted!

Any good relationship starts with getting to know one another. So here is my story.. I grew up in the beautiful state of Arkansas where I had a simple upbringing. When I was younger, we would go to my great grandparents farm and pick fresh vegetables to go with dinner. My other great grandmother taught me about canning and turning fresh berries to jam. Everyone knew their neighbor and supported their home towns. Life was simple and full of everything Southern charm.

These days I reside in beautiful Southwest Florida. Down here we get a different style of southern hospitality but it is our home now all the same! I manage the operations of a dental practice by day and Lady & the Dachshund by night. When I am not working I enjoy spending time with my husband and dachshund puppy. Our weekends are frequently filled with work on renovating our first home. We love to travel as much as we can and try new foods as often as possible! We live a simple life based on loving one another and choosing to be happy.

 I studied Communications and Event Management at the University of Central Florida. Combining my education with my experience working in restaurants, hotels, and at Disney World, I am a master at planning for a crowd. My greatest passions include helping others have a good time. Much of my time goes into planning events, meals, and gifts for others. My favorite feeling is the one I get when I see a genuine smile cross a loved ones face due to a surprise I have provided them! This is followed closely by building our first house into a home.

I have helped small businesses and business owners reach their vision by helping create and establish strong branding, operations, and cusomer service systems. I look forward to helping you grown your business with the same practices! My knowledge on building a blog, affiliate marketing, and freelancing will help those women who want to be able to make an income from home! Whether you want to make side cash or blossom into a full on boss babe, my business savvy will teach you all the ways you can make a ling from the comforts of you own home office (or even your couch!)

Lady & the Dachshund Logo: Lifestyle Blog On Food, Cooking, Travel, Disney, DIY, How to, Beauty, and Health

I cannot wait to see where your journeys take you! Make sure you send me an emai to tell me about your successes! After all, the life you want is right at your finger tips! You just have to reach out and grab it!

All Our Love and Luck for a Successful Future, The Lady & the Dachshund

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