So You Want To Start A Blog To Make Money, Huh?


That’s really cool! Congratulations! My blog has proven to be a great avenue for making some extra income, as well as earning me some really cool free stuff! One of my greatest passions has become helping other women reap the monetary rewards of blogging!




9 Things You Must Know Before Starting Your Own Profitable Blog


Creating your own profitable blog is more easy than most women expect! All you need to get started making money from home is to put a little planning into the start of your blogging. Consider these simple and easy nine steps below and you will be well on your way to starting a profitable blog today!

9. Choose Between A Free Platform or Self-Hosting, Blogger, Medium, and Tumblr are all blogging platforms that are completely free to use. They are also quite easy to use. However, when you choose to start a blog on a free platform you will not own your blog. This means your control over your blog may be limited.





Sure, blogging can be free. However; a small investment is sure to show much more profits if you want to use your blog to make money. If you wish to have a competely custom domain name, more design options, larger storage, and more opportunities monetization, a self-hosted WordPress blog will win everytime. You can start a self-hosted blog easily, quickly, and quite cheap!


8. What Will Be Your Niche?


One of the most important steps to gaurantee your blog will be profitable is to decide what you will write about and stay true to that niche. There are many other blogs out there, you’ll have to figure out how to make your blog stand out from the crowd. Quickly! Choose a topic you are passionate about and stay on that path!

Spend time defining your target audience. Get a clear answer to the following question. Who is going to read your blog? What are their needs? How can you explore their interests and concerns? Do they have a problem you can solve? Knowing your answers to these questions will help you create quality content for your followers.

7. Make Sure You Put Time Into Choosing Your Domain Name


Making sure your domain name is a quality reflection of your blog niche and ideas is an essential step to setting up your blog for monetary success! Your name is the most powerful tool in your branding arsenol. Make sure it is one that your readers will be able to connect with!

Many bloggers limit their growing potential with their domain name choice. Do not create a domain on makeup if you may want to also cover health and fashion. However; if you do have a very specific niche,  using keywords in your name can be a powerful marketing tool!

6. You Need To Get Social


With all the competition on the internet, it is not enough to write a great post and wait for people to find it. While your blog is new, your ideal readers will not be able to find your articles through search engines. You need to be proactive in order to drive traffic to your website.

One of the best ways to get noticed is to use social media to promote your posts. You can even buy traffic by creating ads on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. As soon as you determine your domain name for your blog, check the availability of that same name on the main social media channels.

Reserve your name on every plaform, even if you are not ready to use that platform! Being able to have continuity over the various platforms will be priceless for your brand recognition!

5. You Need To Know Atleast A Bit About SEO


Learning basic search engine optimization, known more popularly as SEO, is a basic fundamental of running a profitable blog. Organic SEO is also a very effective way to drive traffic to your blog. Driving your ideal reader to your blog from a main search engine is the key to growth for your site.

SEO is very complicated but even knowing a few tips can make a huge difference in the long run. Moz, an online leader in SEO education, offers great articles about SEO.

4. Creating An Appealing Design Is Essential


The look of your blog will influence how your readers receive your content. Your design can make or break a visitor’s first impression of you. If your blog is ugly and hard to read, then nobody will read it. Blogging success is as simple as that.

Google’s algorithms are prioritizing mobile-friendly sites. Make your blog mobile-friendly and responsive. Doing so will ensure an easy and fun reading experience for your followers as well as help with your SEO.

For complete creative lisence over your blog’s looks, I cannot recommend the Divi theme from Elegant Themes enough! This “designs for dummies” easy build theme allows you to customize all aspects of your theme. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert! You also gain creative control of your tablet and phone versions! Yes, They’re mobile friendly!

3. You Need to Be Authentic, Original, and Interesting


Let’s address the elephant in the room shall we? Yes, there are many other bloggers on the internet writing about the same things as you. Yes, you will be competing with them for the same followers, topics, and breaking stories. You may even get compared to a few of them.

That is why it is so important to ask yourself the following question: why is your blog different? The answer will always most honestly be “you”. You are what makes your blog different from all the others in your niche. Your blog is about your vision, your creativity, and your goals. The “you” is the value in your blog.

2. Be Prepared to Manage Your Time


Know what the most surprising aspect about blogging was to me? How I could endlessly spend time playing with my theme! I was hooked from the minute I found the Divi theme by Elegant Themes. I spent hours upon hours playing with my sites colors, fonts, layouts, and headers.

Is my site beautiful? Heck yeah! However; it was also beautiful about a million face lifts ago. That is precious time that I could have spent on writing quality posts for you!

Don’t get hung up on the small stuff. Remember, your readers will love you for your thoughts. Quality content is really all it is about.

1. Remember That Blogging Should Make You Happy


Bloggin should be fun! Remember that above all else that should be true! Sure, many women have told me that starting off their own blog has been a hard and stressful process, however; that just made me feel that blogging is not meant for them.

Life is too short to be unhappy. The purpose of Lady & the Dachshund is to help women to create the lives they have always dreamed of. If any project you take on isn’t fun, let it go! Put your energies into something that is continously rewarding for you. That is where you will thrive!

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