An All-Inclusive and Easy Guide To Choosing The Best Platform For Starting Your Own Blog


If you want to cook, you need a kitchen. If you want to play football, you need a field. If you want to throw a birthday party, then you need a cake. If you want to start a blog, then you need a blogging platform.

There are many blogging platforms to choose from offering a variety of options to beginner bloggers. Platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, Squarespace, Wix and Weebly name a few of the more well known platforms. If have thought of starting your own blog, then you have more than likely come across the another term in platform speak — “self-hosted” blog.

Many bloggers will tell you that a self-hosted blog is the way to go, myself included! This is especially true if you’re looking to create a professional image for your blog. Just knowing that self-hosting is the way to go doesn’t explain what is a self-hosted blog thought! That is why we have put together the all inclusive guide below to help you learn the pro’s and con’s of self-hosting or blogging for free!


Saving Money By Starting A Blog On A Free Blogging Platform


What exactly is a free blogging platform? Great question! A free blogging platform is one that is free to sign up for an account, free to get a domain (although most freebies are subdomains such as, and free to set up your site. There are many free blog platform providers with a variety of services offered. More popular choice include and

However; you usually get what you pay for. When it comes to free blogs, that old saying rings true. The catch with a free blog account is that your website’s files are stored on your blogging platform’s servers. Not servers of your own. This is the most simple differentiation in a free blog from a self-hosted blog.



Pros of a free blog:


  1. There are no initial start-up costs to get your blog up and running.
  2. Free blogging platforms are typically very easy to set up and maintain without any prior website design or developing knowledge needed to begin.


Cons of a free blog:


  1. Unless you pay for your own domain, defeating the purpose of a free blog, you’ll have the platform’s domain added onto yours.
  2. Free blogs appear less professional than self-hosted ones due to a lack of well planned designs and themes as well as limited branding abilities.
  3. You have less control over your blog. For instance, people who self-host their blog with the WordPress software can download plugins to expand their website’s capabilities. Free platform blog’s do not share these abilities. CSS functions and theme selections are also limited on free blogging platforms.
  4. Free platforms usually limit your advertising options, meaning that it can be harder to make money from your blog.


What types of costs are involved in free platforms?


A free blog can really be just that, free. However, if you’re looking to get rid of the “Blogger” or “WordPress” addition added in your domain name, you’ll have to buy your own custom domain. These can be as low as $10 depending on what you pick. However, many self-hosting providers include your domain for free. Making the cost of self-hosting comparable to buying a domain for a free blog.


Who should use free blogs?


Free blogs are best for people who are just exploring the blogging world or are not very serious about blogging. If you’re just blogging for fun, then by all means start with a free blog! However; if you want to use your blog to sell goods or make money, I highly recommend you read my guide on an Easy, Fast, and Cheap Way to Start A Self-Hosted Blog Today instead!


Self-Hosted Blogging Platform


In comparison, a self-hosted blog is one that resides on your own server. Most people, however, pay a third-party to host their blog. Doing so gives a blogger all the benefits of a self-hosted blog. My favorite hosting provider, Bluehost is consistently ranked among the most popular companies that provide hosting services. Essentially, BlueHost rents out digital storage space to users to make running a website possible.


Pros of a self-hosted blog:


  1. You gain full control over your blog. This is including your blogs layout, design, SEO, advertising options, and more!
  2. You can install custom themes to brand your blog. I cannot recommend the easy “drag-and-build” design of Divi by Elegant Themes. It helped me create my beautiful custom site with no prior design knowledge!
  3. You have complete access to your backend files, which allows you to make any necessary code changes.
  4. Using a third-party host usually costs only a few dollars per month. BlueHost starts at $3.95 per month and includes a free domain name!


Cons of a self-hosted blog:


  1. It requires an initial investment.
  2. It can be intimidating to new bloggers. However; with my Easy, Fast, and Cheap Way to Start A Self-Hosted Blog you will be up and running in no time!


What types of costs are involved?


Like with a free blog, any photos, domain names, and themes that you purchase will add to your costs. With self-hosting, you also have to invest in the cost of using a third-party host. The good news is that hosting can cost under $4 per month.


Who should use self-hosted blogs?


Since self-hosted blogs look more professional and perform more functions, they are best for businesses and bloggers who are looking to make money with their sites. Self-hosted blogs are also ideal for the individual who wants to improve their professional appearance and boost the functions available on their website.


So What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Start Your Self-Hosted Blog!


Don’t wait another minute to start your own profitable and money making blog! With my Fast, Easy, and Cheap Way to Start Your Own Blog Today you will be using your writing powers to make money quickly and easily! Get going by clicking the banner below!

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