“You know, you should really be shaving your face. Let’s do some dermaplaning!”


Not words a woman in her twenties expected to hear from her esthetician. However; the shock didn’t make it any less real. There was Kim, standing over me just two inches from my face, making me feel like an ape!

I knew I had peach fuzz on my face but didn’t everyone? When did women start removing this facial hair? Kim quickly informed me that women all around me were starting to shave away unwanted facial hair. With this new realization, how could I refuse her suggestion to let her shave my face?

In the beauty world, this removal of facial hair is referred to as dermaplaning. After I submitted, Kim quickly broke out her sterile blade and went to work! I couldn’t have been any happier when she was done! For a quick 20 minutes of my time, and more begrudgingly $60, my skin looked and felt wonderful!


What is Dermaplaning?


Dermaplaning is an exfoliation favorite among celebrities in Hollywood. The process is quick, easy, and provides great skin results! Shaving a woman’s face removes the top layer of dead skin cells. Removing these dull cells helps brighten your complexion and provides a youthful glow! This can also assist women with acne prone skin to prevent breakouts!

In addition to exfoliating your skin, dermaplaning also removes your peach fuzz! These small facial hairs are gray in color and dull your skin. These hairs also prevent moisturizers, treatments, and makeup, from absorbing into your skin as intended by their manufacturers.

Dermaplaning not only makes your facial products work better by allowing them to sink into your skin but they will also last longer! I found I could use my favorite products more sparingly as they would blend into my skin much quicker than when I had facial hair! The money I have saved on moisturizer and foundation alone has made DIY dermaplaning incredibly thrifty over a similar treatment at a salon or spa!



Can I Do My Own DIY Dermaplaning?


Yes! If you can shave your own legs then you can shave your face! Shaving your peach fuzz is simple and easy to do at home once you know the proper steps to take.

Performing this process at home can save you between $60-$150 per session at a salon or spa. Considering most estheticians recommend that you have dermaplaning done on your face every four to six weeks, this can be major savings!


What Will I Need to Shave My Face?


  • Gentle Facial Cleanser – I swear by this Foaming Option by Cerave I find that it gently cleanses my makeup away from my combination skin without making it feel dried out.
  • Single Blade Razors – Twinkle Eyebrow Razors have never let me down! They are affordable, easy to use, and last a couple shaving sessions each!
  • Toner – I LOVE how gentle this Neutrogena option is! The oil free/ alcohol free formula is perfect for my skin! Does a great job of toning without all the burn!
  • Moisturizer – This dual-action formula by Clean & Clear also fights acne. I have seen a large decline in chin breakouts since switching to this skin quencher!


The best part about these products is that you can buy them all with the Amazon links below for less than $10 each! For less than one session of dermaplaning in a salon or spa, you can purchase everything you need for months worth of DIY dermaplaning!





Steps for Fool- Proof DIY Dermaplaning:


  1. Cleanse your face thoroughly with your gentle facial cleanser.
  2. Dry your face off well by patting it – not rubbing it! – with a clean, dry towel.
  3. Apply your toner all over your face. Allow it to fully dry. This will help remove excess moisture.
  4. Hold your skin taught and place your blade at an angle from your skin. (See below)
  5. Use the blade in long strokes up your cheeks, forehead, chin, and hairline.
  6. Once you are done apply a thick coat of moisturizer to your skin.



DIY Dermaplaning Tips:


Make sure to only focus on your peach fuzz! The hair  you want to focus on is a light gray and very fine texture. This hair will continue to grow back in the light and fine way you found it. Other hair will not! So make sure you only take off your peach fuzz!

Once your moisturizer has set begin applying your makeup. You will find that you will not need as much product as your skin will now absorb it much better. Start out lighter handed than usual!


My DIY Dermaplaning Before & After:



I find that I need to shave my face roughly every four to six weeks. I find that I can usually see it in my makeup that I need to shave as it will start applying more cakey and flakey. Use your judgement and shave as often as needed to make you feel like your best self!

Enjoy your new radiant look and be happy!