The following article was brought to you by Southern Kitchen. I am honored to partner with this great company due to their awesome products and advice! Although I may have made a few pennies from this article, I wholeheartedly recommend this southern gem.


Southern Charms Meet Yuletide Cheer

The giddiness is contagious south of the Mason- Dixon in the weeks leading to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Everyone comes together and visits their neighbors, local groups go out caroling in town squares, bakeries roll out their holiday treats, and garland is wrapped around every street light.

There is no time as magical as the holidays in the south!


Teaming Up with Southern Kitchen


This holiday season I am excited to be partnering with Southern Kitchen as a brand ambassador! Southern Kitchen is about the belief that, in the South, more than just food gets made in the kitchen.

Families are strengthened and friendships are formed. Longstanding holiday traditions are passed down and new ones are started. Southern Kitchen is focused on delivering the best in eating, drinking and entertaining. Southern Kitchen is sure to make your holidays a bit more southern!


9 Festive Ways to Celebrate the Holidays Southern Style


Below are nine of my favorite southern holiday traditions! Christmas is a real special time of the year to me and the holiday just wouldn’t be the same without celebrating my southern roots! From sausage cornbread dressing, to mulled spice cider by a bonfire, southern style holidays sure have spunk!



9. Host A Family Pie Bake Off


As a child, I remember going out in my great grandmother’s backyard garden to pick blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries. These delicious gems would go into homemade jams, on top of angel cakes, and if we were really lucky.. into homemade pies! Pies are a tradition in the south! They are a sign of the makers love, prepared deliciously for you in a pan meant to represent comfort, friendship, and love!

Our family also loves a good competition! So every year we host a Thanksgiving pie bake off! All are welcome to compete and we typically end up with about eight to ten pies. The rules are simple. You must make it yourself, from scratch! We typically end up so full of pie that we never decide on a winner. Oops!

This 9″ Staub Ceramic pie pan is sure to help you keep your crust moist! The beautiful enamel glaze prevents absorption of moisture during baking! It is also shock resistant, microwave and dishwasher safe, and is safe up to 572 degrees! This pan is great for pies, casseroles, quiches, and more! Plus, who wouldn’t die to have handles on all their pie pans??


8. Throw THE Party of the Season


Southerners love a good party. A true southern belle loves to HOST a good party! Whether you throw Christmas Dinner for your whole family, a gift exchange for all your friends, or a backyard Christmas movie for the kids in your child’s class, you want your house to be where the action is at!

Make sure your southern flair is felt by setting a seasonal table, making sassy side dishes, and keep the party games coming! All with your infamous southern charms! Make your grandma’s best holiday cookies and your momma’s best holiday candies! This is your season to shine!

Never hosted a holiday party before? Never fear! Southern Kitchen has covered all you need to know about throwing your first holiday party! They will teach you how to keep it simple! There is even a side of southern spunk and sass!


7. Invite Friends for Cocktails and a Bonfire


Is there anything more magic than a bonfire on a cool southern night? Down here in the south, we are so used to burning up in the sunshine’s heat that we don’t know what to do with ourselves for the few days a year that cool down! We love to bundle up in our flannel and boots, grab a lawn chair, and build us a bonfire!

Friends gather from miles around all to grab a bit of the fires magic! Keep everyone comfortable by having the ingredients for a few seasonal drinks! Or at least grab a cooler and stock it full of cold ones! Let the fire and the friendship keep you going for hours!

Don’t forget the bonfire playlist! This Southern Kitchen mix really sets the mood for a good night with adult friends and a couple of good drinks! Even mom and dad need to let their hair down once in a while!


6. Bring Neighborly Gifts of Candies & Cookies


At the core of being a true southerner is being neighborly. We don’t limit this to just the two houses next door. In neighborhoods of the south, you know your whole street if not the whole town! I am from a long line of small towner’s which meant having a lot of people to love during the holidays. One of the easiest gifts for a crowd is a gift for the stomach! What is more seasonal than yuletide candies and cookies?

Every southerner sparks up with merriment when you ask about their cookie recipes. Nearly everyone has one that has been handed down for ages. The only thing that may be older is their favorite candy recipe. I especially love wedding cookies, birds nests, and Kentucky Derby tartlettes. Plus my mom’s homemade fudge!


Christmas Holiday Table


5. Deck Your Halls With Glitter and Cheer

Ya’ll! Now this is the section that would make my Yankee husband swear I am a lunatic! Every year I literally count down the minutes until he will let me put out the Christmas decorations! This year, I had the interior decor out the first week of November! We compromised by agreeing to put the lights up after Thanksgiving dinner. Bless my poor husband’s heart.

One of my favorite southern touches is perfecting my table! Every southerner needs a respectable proper table set! I give my table a little jingle bell cheer by trading out my regular napkins and napkin rings for a more seasonal pic. I also have a beautiful wood and galvanized steel reindeer centerpiece that I love!


4. Deep Fry Your Holiday Dinner


A Good southerner knows that everything is better deep fried! Whether your talking about deep fried Oreos at the county fair or breaded okra and catfish, all things taste better after coming out of a deep fryer! So why should your holiday meal be any exception?

Fried turkey is everything a holiday bird should be! Perfectly crisp on the outside… moist and flavorful on the inside… and with just a kick of Cajun! Our birds haven’t been prepared any other way since we tried this technique! Plus, a fried bird always becomes a great conversation starter with those that have never tried this preparation!

Think you don’t have enough time or skill to dry your bird? Never fear! Frying your holiday turkey is easier than you may think! Check out this awesome recipe by Southern Kitchen for a step by step guide!


3. Shake Up the Traditional Gift Exchange


There is nothing a southerner loves more than getting to pick out the perfect gifts for those they love! Many times, a homemade gift of the heart seems to be a more fitting option. However; not many people look forward to crotchet socks or white elephant gag gifts. So why not try something everyone can enjoy?

I love the idea of a book exchange with your book club, mason jars of your favorite oatmeal fry goods for your friends at the gym, and a soup exchange with your foodie and chef friends! The more fun and unique your holiday gift exchange is, the more likely your friends are to want to be involved!

So put on your thinking cap and ask yourself about the people in your gift exchange. Do they have mutual hobbies or interest? If so, how can you relate those hobbies and interests to your gift exchange? Once you know this answer, you will have gift exchange gold!


2. Help Santa Support Southern Business!


Somehow, every year, Santa makes the same whoopsie on Christmas Eve. He brings gifts only from his own elves and forgets the awesome ones made here in the South! I guess we have to cut the poor guy some slack though, I hear his sleigh starts to melt down here.

When you buy a gift made in the south you share culture and history! You also support your cousin, your neighbor, and your best friend’s mom. Buying your gifts locally and regionally helps you give back to those that make your community so wonderful! A great place to find these gifts is your local farmer’s market and mom and pop stores. You can also find some great gift options online!



1. Check out Southern Kitchen

Head on over to Southern Kitchen and check out their fabulous shop! They have all kinds of kitchen trinkets, gadgets, and tools! They constantly have new supplies to lust over! While you’re there, sign up for Southern Kitchen’s emails to get access to some exclusive deals, delicious recipes, festive entertaining tips, and so much more from their hospitality gurus!

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Get Your Yuletide Groove On Like A True Southerner


So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with your southern hospitality this holiday season! Carole with your neighbors, host a cocktail night in the backyard with friends, make some delicious cookies for your coworkers, and invite the whole dang family over for Christmas Dinner! With Southern Kitchen by your side, and these southern traditions in mind, you are sure to go through the holiday season like you are from the deep south!


Merry Christmas Ya’ll Happy Holidays to You and Yours! From all of us at Lady & the Dachshund and Southern Kitchen!



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