7 Kitchen Essentials Under $30


Are you in your first apartment or home trying to figure out just what you NEED to get you going in the kitchen? Are you strapped for cash from being on your own for the first time, wedding expenses, or school loans? Do you want to be able to make meals for yourself but aren’t sure what you need?

These 7 Kitchen Essentials for Under $30 will be able to get you cooking without a lot of dough! These products will maximize your skills, recipes, and time in the kitchen! Not to mention, don’t take up much space! Outside of dishes and silverware, the below list will give you everything you need to serve up dinner for you and your loved ones!

7 Kitchen Essentials Under $30 to Get You Cooking On A Budget. Affordable Kitchen Items for Your First Home or Apartment.

All You Need to Cook On a Budget

Just last year my husband and I got married AND bought our first house! Money was tight from our expenses but we knew our kitchen equipment was a little worse for wear! After all, it was my first affordable set from when I moved off to college!

We weren’t doing a big wedding and didn’t want to be showered with wedding parties. The responsibility of getting our home together was on us! Not a problem! We knew if we could get started with some affordable kitchen basics we could add and upgrade as we went!

The below 7 items were ESSENTIAL to my being able to prepare meals but were also AFFORDABLE!

7 Kitchen Essentials Under $30 to Get You Cooking On A Budget. Affordable Kitchen Items for Your First Home or Apartment.


Please Note: Although these products are listed for $30 or under at the time of publishing, Lady & the Dachshund is in no way responsible for the cost of these items at the time of reading. Please purchase at your own discretion!


Crock Pot

YOUR CROCK POT WILL BE A HOLY GRAIL ITEM IN YOUR KITCHEN! You will be able to make hearty and filling meals such as homemade chili and potato soup. Barbecue pulled pork and pot roasts will be made with ease! Game day will be complete with homemade queso and meatballs! You can even make delicious mulled wine for the fall or holiday season!

The possibilities are genuinely endless! If there is any one item I could not live without in my kitchen it would be this or my stand mixer! Since my stand mixer cost a lot more than $30, for this article we will let the crock pot win! The below articles are all affordable options with great reviews. I recommend those of a larger size in case you want to plan for guests or leftovers!


Talk about another multi tasking kitchen essential! A blender is known for making up smoothies but people do not realize how versatile it can be! A blender can also make smooth milkshakes, sauces, and purees. Not to mention using it to chop vegetables and fruit instead of by hand!

If you invest in an affordable blender with decent reviews, you will be able to get years of use out of your appliance. You will also find that the time and headache it saves you is well worth the cost!

Two Nice Pans

You need nice pans. They are essential to presenting you and your loved ones flavorful meals! The hot surface of a pan is what will allow you to get a nice crust on your steaks or brown your sauteed vegetables!

I recommend having two sizes. You need one large pan for your meats and one pan meals. Then have a smaller option for sides or solo meals!

Couple Sizes of Pots

Pots are the most basic kitchen item, therefore, they are essential to cooking! You will need pots to make sauces, soups, pastas, rice, sweet tea, oatmeal, and more! Truly, I cannot think of one kitchen item I use more than my pots!

Give yourself a variety of sizes to work with! You will want to make sure you have a pot large enough for group meals. However; you won’t want to wash huge pots every time you need to boil an egg! Go for a nice 3-4 variety pack!

Bake-ware Set

Who doesn’t believe in the comfort of baking? We all have memories of cozy fall nights eating casseroles and breads our moms or grandmas prepared. Most of us have shown kindness or love in the form of cakes or cookies.

You bakeware will not only allow you to make your favorite sweet treats and casseroles but also corn bread, muffins, and meats! Not to mention, quick throw in meals for lazy nights!

Knife Set

Listen to me very careful. You need decent knives. No, you can’t just use any old set. I get it, knives are expensive if you look in departments stores or their websites. That doesn’t mean decent sets cannot be found for budget prices! My favorite knives only cost me $22 on Amazon!

A good set of knives are essential to any kitchen! You will need them to slice, dice, cut, and chop! Trust me, it will only take wrestling a onion with a butter knife one time and you will agree!

Utensil Set

As with the knives above, utensils bring a ton of ease to preparing meals! Sure you could use a cheap set that comes with you pots but they will bend and melt. You could also use your forks and knives but they would take much longer to use and ruin your pans.

Just spend the extra money and get yourself a quality set of utensils. The joy you will get from a quality spatula alone will pay for the whole set!

Enjoy Your 7 Kitchen Essentials Under $30 In Your New Kitchen!

Hopefully, you now have a kitchen worth working in at a budget that cannot be beat! We know the items above will provide you many memories cooking for you and your loved ones. Enjoy every meal and be happy!