10 Serious Reasons You Should Start A Money Making Blog in 2018 And Make Money From Home


Many women are looking for ways to explore their creativity, entrepreneurship skills, and make money. Many want to accomplish these things in the comforts of their homes or while they travel the world. Working from home can allow a woman to continue her education, spend more time with her children, or focus on building her own company or brand.

Regardless of your motivations, if you are looking to make more money or be your own boss you should really be considering starting your own blog! What better time than with New Years around the corner? Make your resolution to start your own profitable blog in 2018!

Just incase you need a little motivation, I have compiled my top 10 reasons for starting a blog today! Once you are ready to start your own blog, check out my post on how to get your blog up easy, fast, and cheaply!


Making extra money from the comfort of your home is the biggest perk of blogging to me! Whether you are looking to save up extra money for your fashion habits or want to make a full-time living, creating a blog is a great way to bring extra income into your house! You can choose to make money by writing sponsored content, marketing for affiliate companies, selling your own goods or services, or even with simple click through traffic!

When it comes to making money by creating a blog, the sky is really the limit in 2018! More and more people are looking to the internet, and bloggers specifically, before making purchases! Don’t miss out on your piece of the pie, get your own blog started today!

9. Be Your Own Boss By Starting A Blog


Many women find themselves between a rock and a hard place. They love working and connecting with others in the professional field, however; many struggle with their bosses. Whether you struggle to get along, or feel that your superior stifles your creativity, if you are struggling with a boss making money from home starts to look really appealing!

When you start your own blog you are the CEO of your brand. You get to decide what is said, how it is advertised, who it is marketed to, and how your brand should grow. Getting to be your own boss can be very invigorating! Many women never turn back to the traditional workplace after making a living blogging!

8. Make Your Own Hours Starting A Profitable Blog


One of the best parts of making a living off of blogging is that you get to set your own hours! Whether you are a night owl, and early bird, or a mom who needs to work around her kids, blogging is an industry that is always open! You can write at anytime of the day or night, therefore, you can always be making money blogging.

Although certain forms of social media seem to be more popular at certain times of the day, scheduling services like this one (it’s my personal favorite, and has grown my Pinterest traffic way up!) help you to post at peak times even if you are not personally available!

7. Start A Blog And Work From Anywhere


Do you have any idea how great it is to make money whether I am in my Florida home, my in-laws house in Michigan, or on my favorite Caribbean island? When you make a profitable blog you can make money no matter where you are in the world!

Blogging is often a popular occupation for world travelers and those with wanderlust constantly in their hearts. Many moms have moved to blogging to allow them and their children to travel when their husbands jobs call for it. Regardless of your own motivations, having the freedom to work from anywhere is appealing to anyone!

6. You Can Inspire Others When You Start A Blog


When you start a blog, you share your story with the world. Some women share their eye for fashion and makeup and inspire others to look their best. Others teach how to become more healthy and fit. Some teach you a skill, while others simply share their awesome lives. Regardless of your niche, your blog will be inspiring your followers.

When someone begins to read your posts or subscribe to your mailing list, you will feel a rush of pride! There is no better feeling that knowing that the blog you started is helping others to try new things or reach their goals.

5. Let Your Creative Juices Flow When You Start A Blog


When you start your own blog you get to be as creative as you can! From coming up with a name, to a web design, to a vision an purpose, starting a blog gives you many chances to be innovative! Your writing will become your outlet to share your voice! You can help your readers connect with the things you love most!

Many bloggers take the creative aspects of starting a blog as some of the most important. Setting yourself apart from the many other bloggers in your niche is essential for making good income by working from home blogging. Make sure you take the time to explore quality branding and a good theme. I really recommend Divi by Elegant Themes! This “builder for dummies” really helps you create any website you can imagine regardless of your skill level. I created this website 100% by myself and I have no design experience.

4. Partner With Brands You Love When You Make Money Blogging

When you make a living blogging, chances are good you have partnered with quite a few of your favorite brands. Making profits for advertising these brands is known as affiliate marketing. Many companies offer sponsored post opportunities through sites like Activate and theSway! You can also reach out to brands on your own and offer up a proposal for your affiliate services.

Many bloggers offer potential affiliates thes possbility of buying social media mentions, YouTube review videos, mentions in or dedicated blog posts, and unboxing videos as possible ways to partner with their favorite brands. Many bloggers make good income by promoting the brands they already use and love.

3. You Also Get Plenty of Free Stuff From Those Brands


As a serious bargain lover, few things can make me as excited as anything free. Luckily for me, starting a blog is a great avenue to get free stuff. Even from high end, popular brands! There are many sites that offer products in exchange for reviews, my favorite is Tomoson. When brands hire you for a sponsored post they typically include product as well.

In my first six months of starting my blog I received name brand bakeware, bluetooth driven self-measuring leggings, cosmetics, jewelry, fashion, and home goods. My most expensive product offer was worth $2000!

2. You Can Even Sell Your Own Products


Few ways of making money online have less overhead than creating your own digital product or service to sell. That is why bloggers who have their own e-commerce goods tend to be the same bloggers who make the most money when they start their blogs!

Many popular items that bloggers choose to offer for sale are e-books, webinars, how-to courses, and printables! If your are an entreprenuer, the world of digital goods can really offer you a lot of options for making money when you start your blog!

1. You Will Be More Happy Once You Start a Money Making Blog


I cannot tell you how many blessings my blog has brought me in just a few short months! I have made money, earned free products, and had offers to write for money! I have also learned new skills, dived in to learn about new topics, and have grown as a negotiator.  I have been validated that there are people out there who value what I write.

I have spoke with many fellow bloggers who agree, when you start your own profitable blog you are sure to become more happy. The sense of accomplishment and pride allow you great joy. Especially when combined with the other nine benefits listed above.

Start Your Own Fast, Easy, and Cheap Blog TODAY

Start Your Blog Today!


That is right! Don’t you dare waste another minute wondering if you should start a blog! If you are looking for a flexible way to make money remotely from your home, starting a blog is the best way to do it!

Head on over to my post on a Fast, Easy, and Cheap Way To Start A Blog Today to get started right away! I can promise you, you will not be disappointed you did it! Blogging is a great journey, I could not be more thrilled with where mine has taken me!


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