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Are you beauty or fashion obsessed? Want to learn to be healthier and happier? What about get tips on the latest trends? Then you found the right spot!

Motivating other women to feel beautiful is one of my greatest passions! I will share with you products, trends, workouts, and tips that are helping me feel my best!

Lose Weight and Look Skinnier by Labor Day

Labor Day is Just Around the Corner   Ah, Labor Day! A day to celebrate all the accomplishments American's have made in the workplace! Many see this holiday as the end of the summer season. This day can be a celebration of saying goodbye to stark white clothing, teeny...

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Learn How, and Why, All Women Should Be Shaving Their Face

"You know, you should really be shaving your face. Let's do some dermaplaning!"   Not words a woman in her twenties expected to hear from her esthetician. However; the shock didn't make it any less real. There was Kim, standing over me just two inches from my face,...

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The Author

Hey Ya’ll! I am Britney and I am your new lifestyle guru!

I studied Hospitality and Event Management at the University of Central Florida. Combining my education with my experience working in restaurants, hotels, and at Disney World, I will teach you to become a wizard in the kitchen. I can also help you save time, money, and headaches, when traveling! Years of DIY projects have given me many “how to” projects on decor, home renovation, and beauty that I hope to share! While I can’t say I have a ton of health experience, I can say that I need to get in shape! Since I want to lose weight and feel great with as little change and effort as possible, this will take some effort! I will be sure to share all my successes with you so you can try them too!

Now my job is to help you feel like the best version of you possible! Whether that means becoming a better cook, gaining a healthier body, learning tons of DIY projects, or forming into a jetsetting travel expert! You can count on me to be a teacher sharing my knowledge. A friend lending you support. Also a shoulder to cry on. Even a cheerleader shouting that “You can do it!” We are in this together! Let’s get to it!

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